Don't touch them with a barge pole


Firstly, they take forever, and many chasing telephone calls, to settle. Secondly, they do everything they can not to pay, either in full (after excess) or after deducting their own ficticious exclusions NOT in the policy document. Thirdly, there is an additional percentage excess buiried in an un-connected part of the policy in print too small to read (less than 4 point). Fourthly, even after confirming in writing my cancelling the policy and direct debit their finance department repeatedly tried to take payment from my bank account, and bombarded me with a flurry of ever more thretening emails. Finally, I have recently moved. Neither my previous vet, of 19 years, nor my current vet, would accept direct payment from them. That must tell you something.


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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