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Our lab was insured with AF till today. She was diagnosed with epilepsy officially in July after having first seizure in Feb which we weren't certain on it was epilepsy or a reaction to wormer. 2nd in June and blood tests done in July which confirm timed the epilepsy. Claimed in August and they backdated claim to Feb and took off the excess £99 which was fine I advised she would be having meds at £7 a month with another blood test in Jan. They would only cover this condition till Feb 17 but I had £300 left on the condition claim. So when I put in the claim for the meds from August till now they then applied a second excess of £99 because the yearly renewal had taken place in August so it was a New Years policy. She's was still only covered for the epilepsy till Feb though and a wide exclusion on her policies going for for all claims related to fits or seizures even if it wasn't her basically we wouldn't get another penny out of them for the epilepsy.


Labrador Retriever


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Posted: 06/11/2016

Same thing happened to us, our dog is 9 and we've been with AF for 2 years with no claims. We found a lump, given treatment by vet etc. Lump remained so had op to remove. Charged 2 excess £99 fees same as you. Also deduction of 35% as she's over 8. We paid £610 out and will receive £260 odd! Only found out yesterday, not happy at all. Least our dog is fine, lump was benign caused by hair follicle.