Avoid, Avoid, Avoid


Our dog unfortunately got hold of some ibuprofen, and being a lab, didn't take him long to eat what was left in the pack (circa 10 pills), which are highly toxic to dogs. After receiving emergency care, Animal Friends used a previous and unrelated common stomach issue (Diarrhoea) as reason not to settle our claim.

My favourite line from their letter:

"I understand that you may consider an exclusion of the entire Digestive System to be inappropriate in view of Rocky’s treatment. I feel it is pertinent for me to explain that although the decision process for applying exclusions does take into account medical factors, we adhere to specific criteria when applying exclusions which has been derived from legitimate commercial decisions that are focused on the mitigation of financial risk".

"As such the medical factors concerned may not always be the sole factor in these decisions".

Meaning if your claim posses financial risk on Animal Friends, they feel entitled not to pay or settle.


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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Posted: 22/10/2016

More or less the same thing happened to me with our lab, will be looking to move immediately. Avoid at all costs,