renewal rip off,BIG TIME


DO NOT renew your pet insurance with more than,my renewal just came through in the post,shocked on the increase from last yr so went onto website as a new customer,all details identical to existing policy,shocked,over £130 less,rang company to ask how this could be,but couldnt match it!!!!!!.
i told the lady that i would renew online and not carry on existing,she said that was thing to do.
NO LOYALTY at all to existing customers.
GET A GRIP more than!!!!!!


Small Mixed Breed (11 - 30 lbs)


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Posted: 31/10/2016

I'm with Tesco pet insurance and they did the exact same to me and i was advised to put it through as a new customer. its stupid! when i told them the price i saw online as a new customer, the response i got was, "that's for new customers only". companies need to start treating their existing customers better!

Posted: 28/12/2016

Same with me last 3 years "more than" premium renewal up %30 each year no change in circumstances apart from my dogs age 3 to 6 as the above says you have to challange the renewal every year.