Rip Off Lifetime Policy


Having looked for new insurance last year I found Asda as a competitive policy, read it through and took it out, Made one claim in February for pancreatitis (stomach complaint) policy has just come for renewal and its over double. I called to ask why it had gone from £16.50 per month to £33.50 per month to be told that my dogs category was now classed as a higher risk. What they mean is now i'm tied in and cant go anywhere else in case he gets another stomach complaint (becomes a known condition, which wont be covered by another insurer) they can charge me what the hell they like. I've got another dog with the co-op and although he's now diabetic and will be poorly forever they only increased my policy by 8% this year. Well done Co-Op you are brilliant. Asda you are criminals and everybody should know it.


Miniature Schnauzer


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Posted: 17/10/2016

Reading your great Review convinced me to avoid Asda Pet Insurance like the plague! Picking up my Pup in 2wks so have been looking online for 'Full Life' cover. Found your experience very informative: that is a real crafty move on the part of Asda!! Thanks again. Pet Owners like me rely on honest caring pet owners like you to 'tell it as it is' so that we can avoid these obvious money-grabbers before we get sucked in! Hope your Dogy's feeling better x