Reimbursement time period


Absolutely avoid this company - they take so long to pay - it's a good job we had the money and are not desperate for it. I feel terribly sorry for people who have had to pay out and have to wait for their money to be reimbursed !! I called them 2 months after my dog had his op for an update and was told 'we are waiting for a manager to sign your claim off' , I called today 30/9/16 and was told 'money will be in your account 10-15 working days' , absolutely apauling customer service. Please people avoid this company - my dog over 10 have to pay 20% of claim and £150 excess!!


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 22/10/2016

They have point blank refused to pay out for our cat, so we are taking them to the Financial Ombudsman. It's only now that we realise what a complete con this company is. We are now in debt because of them, and have no idea how we will pay should the problem with our moggy arise again. Avoid this company at all costs!!!

Posted: 31/10/2016

We had exactly the same problem. Claims started in August, monies paid end of October/November...£1700 in total. We had savings for this feel very bad for people that wouldn't have this kind of money hanging around.

Posted: 11/12/2016

Did you have standard cover or lifetime cover

Posted: 06/02/2017

I've had to change my vet. They point blank refuse to bill directly because they're so slow to pay. I wrote a letter of complaint and was fobbed off with some rubbish about them upgrading their computers, but this has been their problem for years. They're cheap and act it. You won't be seeing any glowing Defacto high scores here. They also have the temerity to bill you by the 'Lunar Month' to make you think the drip payment is cheaper than it is as there are 13 Lunar months per year.