Excellent in ever way. Very very highly recommend!


MoreThan have been absolutely fantastic over the years. We had two dogs, sadly now one, but MoreThan have been great. We took the policy out in October 2014, then in February 2015 my dog had a very expensive claim for spinal issues at over £7k. The claims process was easy, even though we used our local vet and a specialist, MoreThan dealt with both directly and there was no stress for me at all. Just completed one form and MoreThan did the rest with the vets. Then our renewal came around and I was very pleasantly surprised at the increase considering we'd made such a big claim in the first year. So we renewed, and had two more claims in the second year. Again the claims were easy and stress free. Sadly the last claim also included euthanising our boy due to his ongoing spinal issues. I expected to pay another £75 excess as it was a new claim than year, but to my surprise we didn't have to as it was treated as an ongoing condition from the previous year. MoreThan also refunded £90 due to cancelling one of our dogs on the policy, despite having several large claims. Just received the renewal for our other dog and again it has gone up slightly as expected. Not by that much, but it is cheaper to get a new policy online as she doesn't have any ongoing conditions (just a claim for a tummy bug last year). MoreThan said it was fine to cancel and take out a new policy to get a cheaper rate, so this is what I've done. MireThan are very very highly recommended and will continue to renew with them. Very happy!


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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