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Our dog who is almost 6 has epilepsy for the last year and having only take out prime cover...silly me...we can no longer claim for this condition....or it seems any other conditions he may get as recently he had a problem walking unable to get up and had to go in to our vet hospital..was told this was nothing to do with epilepsy by the vet but it seems after putting in a claim and because the clinical notes reflect that he is being given treated for epilepsy aso well as his back...they turned down our claim..saying the seizures have caused the back problem...what rubbish...also a heart complaint which we have never claimed for as we were unaware of, is no longer covered as from out renewal date...so it will seem that regardless of what you claim they will always look at the clinical records as a whole and not separate conditions..pointless carrying on with them


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


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