Terrible - avoid like the plague!


This company is awful. In all the years we have been with them we have only recently put in two claims, neither of which it seems they will honour. The liver mediation my dog needs to be well has been recently deemed by Tesco's as a supplement, not prescription despite being prescribed by the vet, and so they won't pay. It now also looks as though they won't pay for his abscess operation as he happened to have some dental work completed at the same time as the vet noticed he needed this doing too, once he was already under a general anaesthetic. Had I subjected my dog to two separate operations they would pay for the first. We are still awaiting the outcome of this but it doesn't sound likely. I am incredibly upset with this company - do not use them!!!! they are expensive and you get nothing back.


West Highland White Terrier


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Posted: 03/09/2016

This doesn't sound good to a prospective new customer.
I have read their different policies and if you gave not chosen their top picy then it looks like dental treatment us not covered.

Posted: 03/09/2016

Think you have to have their top policy for any detal treatment to be covered. If I were you then I would re- look at your current policy details as to what is and isn't covered in the policy