Blanket Exclusions and Huge Excess Payments


I will be avoiding this company at all costs in the future. They have just refused my claim for treatment of my pet dog Ben after 12 years of faithfully paying monthly premiums. We sadly lost Ben due to a type of bone cancer last month, but because of a previous claim 2 years earlier which related to the removal a small fatty lump they then added an incredibly broad exclusion to his policy. The exclusion states that any and all forms of lump, tumour or mass irrespective of cause, type or diagnosis are now completely excluded from the policy and they have refused to honour the claim. Also watch out for the fact that with dogs over 7 years old you will pay TWO excess amounts (assuming that is that they actually approve your claim in the first place) - an initial £99 excess, then an additional excess of more than a third of the remainder which they call a 'Co-payment'.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 21/12/2016

Similar situation! Broad exclusion and high excess, will not renew!