Poor servicemen


Please take this on board I have had pet insurance with this company for two years this is my second claim with them the first was in the first year and my cat took a blood clot and a claimed £230 and it took seven calls to them to get £135 back but it took a long time then this year my cat took I'll again and we were £450 this time we sent the bill into them by e-mail which was opened but they said after 3 weeks they never received it then we e-mailed again after 3 weeks again they sent it back because the date was wrong on the claims form we sent it back again and again they said that they never received it and again we sent it back then 3 weeks later I phoned to see what the hold up was and I was told that the nurse who deals with the claims was running about 5 weeks behind the sad thing was that out cat sadly passed away in the middle of this which is making this very stressful indead so please please think heard before you choose this company hope this helps in your look for insurance


Mixed Breed Cat


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