M&S pet insurance


Think twice before getting M&S pet insurance, there are far better insurance providers than M&S. I have had M&S pet insurance for 9 years and in the last years of the policy I needed cover as my dog became epileptic. M&S tried every con they could not to pay vet fees and in result I paid 65% of the cost. Sadly my dog passed away and a vet was called out to confirm and take my dog to be cremated, once again M&S stated cremation is a complementary treatment so this is not covered and the cost of the vet is also not covered as they deem this as excessive and I could have waited until the morning, my advice put money in a bank account to cover any pet issues but if you feel you need insurance don't trust M&S. To make things more annoying I was informed a customers service member would call 3 days and counting still no call, well done failed again, I issues with M&S go on and on check your policy's your not covered.




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Posted: 17/10/2016

I think putting money in the bank is a great suggestion but only if you can afford to put many thousands in the bank/other investments you can ultimately get your hands on in a week or so.

If your young dog needs a £6000 operation or emergency care and you have saved a few hundred pounds - this isn't going to help.