Ive been with churchills with both and pets,home and car insurance for around 15 years, giving them around £1800 ish per year!!! ive had a claim on one dog when he was 3year old which they was very good with, ive not claimed for years and any vets bills come up just paid out my own pocket. I had my dog into the the vets a few months ago with problem with his back leg!! the vet couldn't see what the matter was as he stopped breathing, so he just had laser treatment on one of his legs to see if it would help, the bill itself come to about £500-£600 ish which I paid for!!!!!! ive tried to claim some back off insurance and they have messed my about coming up with all kinds of crap!! ive cancelled all my policys with churchills now and would never ever use the company again, please watch what you are doing with this company! Also insurance is insurance if we pay for it we all should be covered, Insurance companies stop taking the piss out of genuine people,,,


English Springer Spaniel


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