Annual premium renewal problems


I would certainly not recommend this insurance company. Their renewal policy is very dubious.
After my first year the premium increased from £14.43 to £17.89. However, the direct debit claimed from my account was £22.77. After a phone call to them I was told it was the 'optional extras' I had been charged for! No request from me was needed to include these.
The very helpful lady then told me that she could offer me a special discount and reduce my premium to £14.67 per month for the same cover.
Really? So one phone call reduces my direct debit from £22.77 to £14.67 for exactly the same insurance cover.
Not sure I trust this company. Surely, they should be offering the very best policy, at the best price, without me having to complain first.


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Posted: 26/01/2017

Had exactly the same on renewal....added the 'optional extras' as standard, when I queried why I was paying so much, they took the optional extras off. I have an on-going condition with my cat, so can't change to another provider...first claim....took forever...assured me that future claims would turnaround quicker....rubbish....still waiting for the money...DO NOT RECOMMEND

Posted: 03/10/2018

The optional benefits that are detailed in the policy wording? They removed them when you asked.
They offered a discount to save business? Think this is something most insurance companies do! Especially if you haven’t made any claims.
Can’t really see what they have done wrong.