Long long wait


Having a claim submitted by my Vets and received by Tesco Insurance during the first few days of July, I chased this up with Tesco over two weeks ago to be told a cheque would be with me the following week. Here I am, seventeen days later still waiting for my claim to be settled - perhaps they will be just as slow when they take my premium next month!!


Staffordshire Bull Terrier


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Posted: 21/08/2016

Same here. They received our claim on the 4th July as I phoned to check on the 11th Aug. Still waiting for the payout.
On top of this my pet had further surgery last week costing over £3000. I can not afford to be waiting months for this to be paid back to me.
Dreadful service from this insurer.

Posted: 29/08/2016

Can't get this site to post my review despite submitting twice so have resorted to posting comments instead. Fingers crossed :( Have a continuing nightmare with Tesco. Ombudsman is currently dealing with. Avoid Tesco at all costs!