Sainsbury Pet Insurance. What a rip off.......


Do not use this company for Pet \Insurance .Absolute Nightmare,
I had a problem with my dog going Lame overnight,i had to have a couple of vet visits and X-ray and various other procedures to find out what was the problem and drugs to treat too.all in all i paid the vets fees my self and they agreed to send off the claim form for me ,which they did,I heard nothing at all from sainsburys for three months until a letter arrived saying the claim was cancelled as they didn't have the history info from the vets.I had not contact at all with them in this time and the letter stated i had not provided them with the info they required .i had no idea this was needed or who was supposed to deliver it to them for assessment of the claim. Extremly bad after 3 months they decided to cancel my claim .End of....upon contacting them by phone the same excuses were re iterated to me ,how can i have provided them with the info if they didn't ask me for it ,( i ask myself). this is a genuine claim or was and for a genuine illness that i had paid every month expecting to be covered and secure if any thing was to go wrong and needed to be relied on. I have cancelled the policy the direct debits and told them what i thought of their aberrant service or lack of service .
PLEASE BE WARNED this is not the first time this has happened looking at the reviews here .definatley not worth spending money with them for a very poor service....Be Warned....


Border Collie


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