Very happy with service


I had to make a claim within a month of taking out my policy so was very worried, especially after reading a few negative reviews. My dog was rushed into emergency surgery with a blockage in his throat, I paid for that upfront, but a couple of days later was used back in with complication and an infection. The bill for the second visit was a lot higher and I couldn't pay that upfront. i was worried this was going to complicate the claim, having to pay some to me, and some direct to the vet. I was also worries pet protect would treat it as 2 separate claims, thus taking 2 lots of excess.
5 weeks later, and they have refunded the moment owed to me for on the first vet visit, and paid the vets direct for the second. They treated it as one claim, minimising the amount i had to pay, and increasing the amount they had to pay, (not something a company would usually do!)
No fuss, no need for phonecalls, just one claim form, and 5 weeks later a letter from pet protect saying all the money had been sorted, and they hope my dog has fully recovered.
Obviously I expect my excess and monthly payments to increase when I renew next year, but so far I have been very impressed with pet protect.


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