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Was with LV fir two years never claimed off them in that time...took my dog to the vets with a infected paw.... Vet gave us anti b and pain relief... Took her back to the vets 7 days later saw a different person there he said she had an allergy... I looked at her paw few days later saw a splinter in it....took her back to vets and said not an allergy she has something in her foot....they took her out the back but denied this and said still an allergy....put a claim into LV they sent email saying they would pay us out in next 5 days...then git an email saying ignore that email they weren't paying the claim as she had had an allergy in her ear in 2014 so they couldn't pay out for same thing....we never claimed for it and she never had an allergy problem since ... Tried to say to LV that we've been paying out 15.00 monthly and never claimed anything and how could they say they were paying us our claim then withdraw it.... Stopped using LV straight away what's the point if paying insurance if we can't claim on it for the very first time....very annoyed and would not recommend them to anyone


West Highland White Terrier


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