Customer Service that is BEYOND A JOKE !!!!


Great start --- ''NOT'' --- to setting pet insurance up with Legal & General for our dog today.

Started by completing their online form in less than 5 minutes at 1100 this morning (excellent).........4 hours and 45 minutes later they STILL HAVEN'T GOT IT RIGHT AND THEY DO NOT KNOW WHEN THEY WILL........Or by failing to incorporate any pet vet history as they continue to leave it blank despite 5 PHONE CALLS it there 'CLEVER LITTLE GET OUT' never have to pay out if there was ever a claim perhaps??????...........NOW THEY COME BACK TO ME TO SAY THAT ALL INPUT PROVIDED UNDER PREVIOUS VET TREATMENT IS THEIR GET OUT CLAUSE AS THEY HAVE NOW SHOWN IT UNDER EXCLUSIONS INSTEAD BECAUSE ANYTIME THAT YOU SEE A VET THEY DEEM IT TO BE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION.........I.E. SHE ONCE LOST A DEW CLAW WHEN SHE CAUGHT HER PAW ON A STICK WHILST RUNNING......THE FACT THAT THE DEW CLAW GREW BACK MEANS SHE HAS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION...............TOTAL GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Border Collie


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Posted: 01/08/2017

When I called they explained that the computer generated the paperwork and sometimes doesn't add everything in. Therefore it is written in the history on the computer... so not sure where you got that information from but might be worth speaking to someone