this company looks too good to be true, is there any-one who can tell me how much the premiums have risen this year.
I do think the excess is a bit high though.I can-not submit true rating but based on reviews


Lakeland Terrier


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Posted: 23/08/2016

Cannot yet comment on the service as I have only just 'joined'. However, my previous insurer had doubled my monthly premium from £26 to £40 and the excess anyway was £120! The increase, partly I think, because he is now 8yrs old. Admittedly I did have £7500 for vets fees but with this I get £6k and only paying £23pm. I think excellent value for money.

Posted: 28/10/2016

I've just had my renewal through, they have only increased the premium by £2 a month so it's still very good value. Have also just had to claim £1,100 and it's all been processed within a week.