Awful Customer Service


I have a claim with this company for nearly 2 months for £2300 and am no further forward. They asked for more information and were given it the same day, two weeks later still chasing me, even when I sent their OWN email back to them confirming they had received the documents, they still denied having it! Since then I have been given the run around, my claim is an a queue, they have had a high influx of claim, my claim is with the assessor and so on. I am emailing and ringing almost daily and each time speak to another employee who spins yet another yarn. So today, (and this is the best part), I am told my claim is in the queue and will be dealt with in date order, in that, it has not been actioned...and then...I receive an email from them telling me they are changing the terms and conditions of my policy and back dating it to October 2013...I ask how is this possible if you have not started to review my of yet no response.
Shocking to say the least, they get their own house in order and leave you high and dry.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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