Rude Helpline


I asked the helpline if I was entitled to see my pets records and was told there would be no point, I would not be able to understand them.
My pet is very ill and I am having trouble finding out what is wrong.
I am very disappointed to be spoken to like this and I think I will make a complaint.
My animals have been insured by Tesco for years. Very poor service, most unhappy.


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Posted: 23/08/2016

You need to go back to your vet & ask them what your pets illness is, How awful for you that nobody has been bothered to explain what exactly is wrong with your poor pet. I would demand to have an explanation. I hope all is resolved & your pet makes a full recovery,

Posted: 22/09/2016

You should be allowed to see your pets records as one is allowed to see their own medical records so why can't you see your pets. I can;t understand why not and if there is something you don't understand it should be explained to you. You have the right to see those records!!! Just demand your rights!!! Best of luck!!