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Just had an almighty shock and a salutary lesson in reading the small print. VERY expensive M & S insurance for our dog (£403 per year which is more than our house and car insurance together) will only pay out £1000 per illness up to 4 illnesses a year. Now I know I should have seen this but WHAT a poor deal!! Our dog has had a gastric problem for the last 5 weeks which has now been diagnosed as Indolent Lymphoma which has cost several thousand pounds. She won't get any more form the insurance now until septembers renewal date. READ THE SMALL PRINT but its still a VERY POOR DEAL and costs a lot. Sainsburys is so much better and thank heavens the cat is insured with them. LESSON LEARNED AVOID M & S pet insurance.


Labrador Retriever (Black)


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Posted: 19/07/2016

Our dog has sadly been put to sleep. We face a huge bill not one penny of which I regret but I do regret M & S pet insurance being so expensive and so useless.

Posted: 16/07/2017

have just read yr commentand I have today just received notice from M & S re premium, which has gone up £100 in one year...daylight robbery....main reason for comment is noticed yr dog has a gastric problem...can I suggesgt u check out a book c alled Dog Diet (can't remember author) and also her other book "Itchy Dog"..(I have lent book out to neighbour so can't remember name)...both books are brilliant reading and full of great info. for all dog owners on "raw food diet," which I have just started my Westie on, but she also talks about Vets and the food they push for sale in their surgeries.....please check it out as I am sure there is info there which might help with your dogs problem, and recommendations of supplemeneats to help...I had heard the author on the radio one day, and was impressed with what she was talking about....her books are also recommended by a vet, and he does write something about her at start of book, and how much he approves of what she has written about...hope u check this out ..I got book in Waterstons, but Amazon or Ebay will stock it I am sure..