Still waiting to hear from thrm!


My vet has sent my claim form to kwik fit and they registered it on the 30 May. The company say they take 10 working days to deal with a claim. I phoned on Monday 13 june to be told there was a delay as they are inundated with claims. I phoned again on friday 17 june and was promised an answer that day. I have had no reply and are still waiting. My dog is to have more treatment this week and i will have to pay the bill and again send the invoice to kwikfit. I wish i had not gone with this firm and will certainly not stay with them at renewal. Their service is appaling, slow and no one will give an answer as to what is going on! I am still waiting for an answer!!


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Posted: 19/10/2016

Totally agree - DO NOT USE - my claim has taken 4 months to process, currently not Kwik at paying out!!!

Posted: 20/10/2016

Totally agree they are a terrible company.When you cancel they wnt to charge £30, even though they have taken monthly payments and then do not pay out on a claim.Took 3 months for them to inform me of decision. Appalling

Posted: 25/10/2016

They are a terrible company ,3 months to reject a claim and wanting £30 to cancel the policy,after taking 3 months payments fom me while considering claim!!!Innundated with claims is no excuse and is not the customer's fault,they should manage their staff better.Avoid like the plague.