Pet Plan "RIPOFF"


My 1st dog now 6 yrs old. When I 1st took out Petplan I was amazed how much the insurance was, as a pup i got petplan cover from the breeder, he had earmights petplan covered this treatment, then when I continued the insurance with petplan after the breeder cover they considered it a new claim & not a continuation!! 1st RIPOFF.
Well 6 years on & all little illnesses never come out over my excess amount of £75 so pay out of my own pocket, into the hundreds (most cured with chicken & rice diet!! Vet RIPOFF'S). Now my renewal figure is £65!!! a month for £4,000 vet bill cover, £1 million liability cover, SO THAT'S £780 A YEAR, MY X5 CAR COVERS £50,000 & £10 MILLION LIABILITY FOR ONLY £440 PER YEAR!! PEOPLE WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF, VETS PROMOTE THEM AS THEY PAY THEM QUICKLY, WHEREAS FOR A VET TO GET THERE MONEY OUT OF THE LIKES OF TESCOS INSURANCE IS A PAIN, OH DEAR WHAT A SHAME. Well i've voted with my feet, & cancelled my insurance, i'll put the money as that's £4,680 i'm saving over the next 6 years into premium bonds or something & heck earn a bit of interest on it also. & yep when asked: well it's the breed of dog Sir, it's where you live Sir utter nonsense (his a pedigree Weimaraner) People vote with your feet!!!!




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Posted: 11/01/2017

Premium Bonds and get interest? Are you sure?