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My dog suffers from seasonal allergies and for 6 weeks of the year he has bad skin ( May to July)The condition was declared and Animal Friends accepted this as an exclusion. I have now had two claims refused. One for upset stomach after coming out of a kennel with a tummy bug. The reason for this was that he had been put on a food trial when he was a puppy and was now stable. The food trial was for skin allergies, NOT stomach issues. I have now had a second claim of £550 refused. He had to be admitted over night with problems swallowing. It turned out to be tonsillitis which Animal Friends have said MAY be allergy related. It may not be allergy related but they chose not to err on the side of the customer. I am appealing and speaking to my vet but I swear if he broke his leg they would say it was allergy related. I really am very angry and upset at this decision. I think they employ people to find any way possible to get out of paying.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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Posted: 21/06/2016

We have also had a claim refused for my dogs Allergies which was discovered this year and it turned out he was actually allergic to Beef and Lamb which the vet did tests for. I am pleased its not environmental but not pleased with Animal Friends who claim that my dog because he has been treated with ear mites in 2013 (they claim this is linked to a food allergy????) and because he started to nibble his paws and the vet gave me cream for it which I happily just paid up for that it is all linked. My dog stopped nibbling his paws for quite a while and it was only when he resumed that after being recommended he had allergy testing that this year I decided to go for it. Well they have refused (letter came back Monday 20 June 2016. Animal Friends.... I would not use them and our policy is getting cancelled.