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After a wait of 7 weeks for a £700 vets bill to be settled, Purely Pets sent me 2 e-mails, one to say they would not be paying anything towards this bill and another one 5 minutes later to say the settlement was £69. After contacting our vet, he sent a letter to the insurance giving more details about the operation and then it took a further 5 weeks for them to tell us we were going to receive a further £379 towards the cost. The excess on the policy was £99 but they took 2 times excess due to the nature of the operation and then charged us a further 15% of the bill due to the dogs age. Prior to the claim being started Purely Pets doubled our monthly premiums due to the dogs age. We have been responsible dog owners for 25 years and always insured our dogs with various other insurers and have never been treated like this.We have since cancelled our policy and will now take our chances. Steve C, 3 June 2016


English Springer Spaniel


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Posted: 14/06/2016

Avoid this company they are terrible then add 15% cause dogs age then you got to pay 15% on top of the bill plus excess! Con

Posted: 17/06/2016

I agree...please avoid this 2 bob outfit, customer service is poor, take weeks to pay out, that is if they don't try to weltch out of the claim.

Posted: 26/08/2016

I have had exactly the same treatment, it seems they have reasons to wriggle out of giving any money back. My dog had to have a special menu food two weeks before she died when a kidney condition was diagnosed, that was not paid (not allowed) and 15% was removed from the rest of the claim because of her age. She had a stroke two weeks later and had to be put to sleep, the company ask to be informed of any forthcoming claim, so I phoned two days later , the telephonist said she would cancel our premium. Two weeks later I received a rude letter claiming I had ignored their previous email and if I didn't pay a months premium which was outstanding they would put account with a Debt collector. My dog was put to sleep on the 20th may 2016, today's date is 26th August, I guess they are finding ways of not paying what is owed. Go Compare recommended this company, they should be informed.