Hassle free payments & service


I have had Petplan for the last six years of so for all my my cats (Siamese). Having previously used Premier Help U Cover anc Co op which other pets in the past. Petplan do a very good multi pet discount and I currently pay around £48 for life time cover up to £4000 for all three cats that are around 5 to 6yrs of age..
I have recently had to put in a claim for a very high vet bill for one of my cats and Petplan paid up within ten days and paid straight to my vet. Paperwork was hassle free and I have found that if the vets are aware your pet is insured by Petplan then they generally will allow you do a claim direct even with very high amounts and they seem to process the claims promptly and with little hassle.
On reading previous reviews of Petplan I am quite taken back at some of the poor service that some people have received from Petplan and some of the excuses for not paying up given by them.. But from my experience I have had none of them.. What happens when it comes to renewal time, I wwait to see how much my policy amount will of gone up by as they generally do.. However, in Petplan defence I have not seen a dramatic rise in premiums in the last few years as my cats get older and I would normally expect that you would always pay a bit more anyhow for pedigree breeds. But so far so good..


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