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Well, I am probably going to jinx it but so far I have found Purely Pets to be fine and have just taken out my 4th policy with them. Yes, payment can sometimes be slow and they need a bit of prodding but isn't this the case with a lot of insurance claims? Yes, there is a £99 excees and extra 15% for over 8 years and cancellation fees but these are all stated in the policy documents. There is also a 10% multi pet discount.
My advice would be phone them and ask questions before you take out the policy I have always found them very helpful.


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Posted: 24/08/2016

Nice to hear your comments have you phoned them recently as they will be taking out your direct debit my little boy died 3rd June and still waiting for them to pay out for his treatment this company is horrendous I can not even contact them on the phone re my claim