This is my second claim with Sainsbury's pet insurance, they have already given me £3500 in one year. I am a terrible customer for them lol. Two claims, one £3000 and another one £500 and all went ok. I am surprised. Thanks a lot!


Domestic Short Hair


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Posted: 24/08/2016

I am pleased to read yours as the first good one, as I was thinking of changing from Petplan as Banjo cat had a bout of diarrhea which went on rather longer than hoped when I first rescued him from abandonment That's quite normal for that to happen in change of environment and food.
but Petplan excluded digestive disorders from his policy as he had it before I took it out.
They said if you can prove he has had no diarrhea for whole year on normal food then we will reinstate it.
As it happens he had diarrhea again after anesthetic for an umbilical hernia op. Must be a reaction to the anesthetic, so he will written out again for another year and we have a rat infestation coming form the field behind with chickens, and poison is being used,
Banjo is a hunter and brings them in regularly, so if it eats one and he has done and it poisons him, he is not covered for treatment if I get him to vet quick enough. Not good.

Posted: 31/05/2017

Edit: They have now given me a grand total of £5650