Fallen at the first hurdle!


My First claim submitted for pet cat but because animal fell ill first of all with same issue within 14 days of me taking out policy they are refusing to assist. I feel that my integrity is being bought into question - cat was in perfect health at the time I took out policy in good faith and unfortunately I do not own a crystal ball so had no way of telling my pet would become ill within the first 14 days. First impressions? Typical insurance company - happy to take your money but will wriggle out of paying up. Considering alternative options as very disappointed with level of customer service from this company so far. Not even an offer to meet half way! Disgraceful....


Mixed Breed Cat


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Posted: 03/10/2018

illness showing clinical signs within the first 14days is not covered on the policy. It is detailed numerous times throughout the policy documents. There are terms and conditions you have agreed to. They can’t change these just for you. It’s not personal to your policy, it’s standard for every policy