Avoid- premiums rocket on older pets.


Do not get sucked in by initial low policy costs. I do unfortunately have 3 pets still insured with Sainsburys, all having pre-existing conditions so I cannot afford to switch insurers and have pre-existing conditions excluded. My almost 14yr old Greyhound's renewal has just arrived (it is his premium increases that are my issues with Sainsburys) and it has increased from £220 to £300 a month - YES a month - not a year!! Originally his premiums started at £16 a month when I got him in 2005. Sainsbury's have paid out on most claims without too much hassle although a couple of times they have tried to say that it was part of the same condition and so they had already paid the max £7,500 out. Once specialists are involved it doesn't take long to reach bills that run into thousands. In December we had a cat cost almost £4,000 in specialist and normal vets bills (the first ever claim for her) they did payout without any issues, her renewal is due in July - it will be interesting to see what that will be. Although all the cat's premiums have doubled since I first insured them in 2006. My 4 other animals are insured with PetPlan whom I haven't had much experience of claims or the subsequent premium increases, but I have friends who have and they say their premiums have never increased as dramatically as mine have with Sainsburys.
I like to insure my animals to have peace of mind but it doesn't help when insurance companies take the pi$$ and increase the premiums to ridiculous amounts but until you make a few claims you never actually know how good insurance companies are and by then its too late if you've chosen a cr@p one!




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Posted: 30/05/2016

I contacted Sainsburys regarding my extortionate renewal increase - their extremely unhelpful response was to say premiums increase for a variety of reasons , but I could always downgrade my policy if I wanted to a 12 month policy- which obviously after 12 months, you no longer have pet insurance.
SO UNHELPFUL - you eventually force your customers into the reluctant choice of no longer having insurance, because premiums are no longer affordable.
I shall be making a formal complaint regarding Sainsburys pet insurance.
I suggest to other sainsburys pet insurance customer who's animals DO NOT have existing conditions or indeed have never visited the vets other than routine vac's to vote with their feet and leave and find a better insurer- my other animals are insured with Petplan.

Posted: 29/07/2016

Had to make a claim for luxating patella which they still to pay out on but did but then slapped 2 exclusions on i had informed at time of taking policy i paid to have my dog teeth scale clean he had wobbly tooth vet removed so they now put exclusions for all oral mouth treatment for 2 year. ridiculous. If my dog develops mouth cancer sustains a head trauma etc they will not cover treatment for mouth all because i am a responsible owner maintaining good oral hygiene in my dog. The same dog required treatment not when insured by sainsbury required 2 stitches to face as a result injury from other dog so they have put third party insurance and behaviour exclusions on my dog

Posted: 06/10/2016

Avoid. Similar experiences. Not interested in good customer service. Rude renewal operators. 30% increase. Not impressed Sainsburys