Fantastic Pet Insurance


I have had Tesco pet insurance for several years now and have always received fantastic customer service. All my claims have been paid without any hassle so I have recommended Tesco pet insurance to a number of friends and family. My annual premium doubled for my dog this year but he is almost 10 years and Tesco cannot be blamed for the extremely high cost of veterinary fees.


Labrador Retriever (Chocolate)


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Posted: 23/06/2016

You must of been lucky as I have had no end of trouble claiming and so has numerous other pet owners I know of

Posted: 17/08/2016

I have never made a claim in 8 years but now I have they still have not paid a penny this is since May worst pet insurance in the world please anybody thinking of taking pet insurance from Tesco don't bother

Posted: 06/10/2016

How long have you been working in tesco ? There pet insurance is a joke