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I had insurance cover for up to £7000 - my dog broke his leg which was going to cost £4000 to fix. They approved the treatment and then only sent £2000 - leaving me to pay the balance. No matter how much a chased them they never sent anymore money to me or the vet.


Chihuahua (Short Coat)


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Posted: 15/05/2016

They have used every excuse in the book not to pay out on a claim. Given that I run an animal welfare charity and USED TO recommend Animal Friends, I now tell everybody to avoid them at all costs. Disgusting cowboys that they are.

Posted: 23/05/2016

The cost of veterinary treatment can be very expensive. We don't sell a policy with £7,000 worth of cover per individual occurrence so perhaps there is some confusion here. Please contact a member of our UK based customer service team who will happily provide details of the policy you selected and confirm the breakdown of the claims payment.