14 day exclusion period


When I finally found an insurance company after a few months of searching, (didnt have the internet) I got the 2nd highest policy as it covered a good amount of money per condition. My dog showed 'no signs' of HD since the day I got her and at 53 weeks old became lame. As this happened within the 14 days exclusion period, and had been diagnosed too, they decided that (as it may cost them a lot of money) it was a pre-existing condition. I wrote them a 17 paragraph complaint and got fobbed off, took them to the ombudsman and lost. Now I have a petition to get the FCA to amend the absolutely bliddy ridiculous 14 exclusion period. How do owners know their dog is going to become ill in 14 days time, AF gladly take our money before the start, but fail to cover anything in this period. I am beyond angry at AF, after the 4 years of paying and only using them once, I feel disgusted at the way I have been treated by them regarding my dogs 2 bad hips.


German Shepherd


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Posted: 02/05/2016

From the details it appears that the Insurer in this case is right. They have a 14-day exclusion period precisely for this kind of case i.e. people taking out insurance once they know their pet has a condition. The Insurance Company and the Ombudsman are quite correct. I know this is not act you want to hear, but this is a case of trying to take the Insurance Company for a ride, not the other way around

Posted: 12/11/2016

It's violation of customer rights is such a profound way it's just unacceptable. My kitten was insured and was taken to the vet for check up and at that time he had diarhorea (14day excision)vet ask to change diet and recommended specific food. When he got ill months later and in the process of establishing What went wrong vet advised to claim costs as ultrasound and repeat treatment was given but ofcourse APF refused end excluded all Digestive System clames in future, poor cat was compromised without being diognosed or Having any condition as it turned he had virus. Can anybody pls stop this happening! When I asked them why should I continue paying them consultant said he might break his leg! someone should control those people so rude way they are talking to people!