Poor customer service and loyalty


I have been a faithful customer of Animal Friends for 10 years, and renewed my policy year on year for my pet dog. My dog has now reached the age of 13 and suffered a stroke 6 months back. I did fill in the form but did not reach the excess amount so did not claim any costs from animal friends. I have recently received my policy renewal and was shocked to see the costs have risen by 70% on the previous years costs. I would advise any pet owner considering using animal friends to avoid this company at all costs. They are happy to take premium year on year until your pet reaches the age when you need to use the policy or at least much more likely to use the policy then they increase the policy to a unreasonable and unaffordable level. Given the policy premium, excess and the 35% that I am required to pay on all costs then my pet dog would require in excess of £1200 of care in the next calendar year before it would reach a level where my insurance would be of a benefit. Please take note of my warning this company is out for profit only and animal care (which the company constantly makes claims to be of its highest priority) is way down its list of priorities. It is now very clear why a few years back the underwriters that previously support AF has a very painful parting of ways and to my deep regret I chose the wrong company to place my faith and pets health in!


Golden Retriever


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