Disgraceful Company....Avoid at all costs.


This companies interpretation of pre-existing conditions render any policy you take with out with them not worth the paper it's written on. Last year our Springer had to have an X-Ray to diagnose a stubborn lameness that he has now fully recovered from, total cost of investigation £800 this was diagnosed as hip dysplacia they refused our claim siting an injury on opposite leg 7 years ago was clinical signs of hip dysplacia so therefore a pre-existing condition. We successfully claimed for a low grade benign spindle tumour removed from his left hind. They have now placed an exclusion for all tumours, cysts, warts, lipomas and cancer. The full lists of exclusions from their technical underwriting team now renders my dog uninsurable yet his a healthy dog. I am now taking my case to the FSA. If you love your pet and want to insure their health avoid Sainsburys at all costs.


Medium Mixed Breed (31 - 59 lbs)


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