Absolutely disgusted


Our dog had a skin laceration in his throat and needed emergency surgery and an overnight hospital stay. The vet bill was £400 and we ensured the claim to pet protect was sent within 24 hours. The vets made sure all the paperwork was signed and done correctly. TWO MONTHS have now passed with multiple calls to the company - every time I ring I speak to someone else who says 'oh the payment is still pending... I will sent it over to be authorised immediately' (and so far it hasn't). They try and make out they have 'system errors' when in reality they don't care about your pet all they care about it making a shed load of profit. Disgusting. They are happy to take your money every month on time but when it comes to holding up their end of the bargain they fail in every respect. We have PAID for a service... It honestly feels like they expect us to pay them £11 a month for the sake of it as trying to get our claim processed is like trying to get blood out of a stone. AVOID AVOID AVOID.


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Posted: 29/07/2016

I agree I will not be renewing with pet protect I still am in dispute with them . I was told my dog was covered for kennel cough when I made a call to check with them ,but when the vet made a claim they said he hadn't been vaccinated again it so was not covered. Why did they not tell me that over the phone.

Posted: 17/10/2016

Just read your Review and another more recent one with a similar complaint, but with such differing results! I'm confused! Picking up our Pup in 2wks and want to arrange 'Full Life' cover. Petprotect seems to offer a good level of cover, but having second thoughts after reading of your experience. Your poor dog's situation wasn't helped by this company giving you the run-around.
The reason I'm contacting you is: Petprotect is an Insurance Company in every respect, the fact that it is for Pets is immaterial. I thought you might like to do what I did with another insurance co. who were stalling on paying me some money back after I'd cancelled a (very expensive!) commercial buildings insurance.
After weeks of waiting for my payment I decided the next thing was to make this official. I asked the insurance co. for a copy of their official Complaints Policy as I wanted to take my complaint further. I received my payment within days!!! Give it a go, it may work for you.
Also might be a good to have a look on Martin Lewis' website as he's got lots of advice/proforma's regarding making official complaints. Good Luck and I hope the Dog's feeling much better x