Recommend Yes BUT No!!


After insuring my dogs with PetPlan for the last umpteen years I feel used and abused! Their premium charges have got nothing to do with the dog. I have 2 Alaskan Malamutes, one is 2.5 the other is 5. The 5 year old, we rescued last year. This is her first policy renewal and it went down from £42p/m to £40, yeh! I thought. The 2.5 year old, we rehomed 2 years ago so this is his 2nd renewal and it went up from £42 to £48! PetPlan could not explain it and would not redo, even though doing an NEW online cover quote gave the price of £40 p/m! They penalise customer loyalty and have now lost £90 p/m, but they wont care because I'm just a number.
Claims made with previous dogs have always gone through without quibble and handled directly by the vets, so this is why I would recommend them.


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Posted: 10/02/2017

Use Tesco, I've insured my Westie with petplan and my JRT with Tesco, I lost my JRT last Christmas ,tesco' premium was £20 a month for an 11 year old dog ,the excess was £60 and they paid for her op and unfortunately when it was time they paid for her to be put down, pet plan on the other hand charge £46 a month (13 years old) and when he went diabetic on us and we put in a claim for just over a grand the excess was £120 and they reduced the claim by 20% therefore we received £670 , I wanted to have his sight restored ( diabetic blindness) but it's going to cost £4500 and I can't afford the £900 I will have to pay, I have now cancelled this policy as I feel so strongly about it . I suggest you use Tesco

Posted: 02/06/2017

Have to agree - I paid into Petplan for ages
and because of all the advertising/vets recommendation and hype surrounding them YOU feel almost guilty if you don't choose them, but I paid in for years with Petplan and then next to nothing and then moved one of my dogs as he was older and PP are rubbish for older pets. Tesco settled a claim for a rescue dog who had a spinal injury I knew nothing about and paid out within weeks of rehoming and woulld trust them everytime