Do not insure your pet with this company!!


Do not get insurance with sainsburys. I got extra cover for my cat for death. It states it will pay you what you paid for the cat. I paid a lot of money as he was from abroad. My cat sadly died and when I put the claim in they said this is not covered as its for travel and expenses and vaccinations.Well that is what I had to pay to get my cat. If I didn't I couldn't have had him! And it doesn't say that it's not covered in the booklet.
They offered me 25 quid. 25 quid! Iv never been so insulted in my life! And they will not help me any further.
They will worm there way out of not paying you what your entitled to.
I will not be getting any more insurance from sainsburys they have lost my custom. Il give my money to another company that are not liers. Bye bye!


-- Mixed Breed (weight when full grown) --

Domestic Medium Hair


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