Bunch of crooks


Been with this bunch of crooks for 2 years since coco was a puppy, 2 months ago she had a seizure so took her to an out of hours vets who said she may have PDE (coco is a pug) and needed an MRI scan, as they didn't have one near here we had to go to Bristol for it, the cost so far is £2700 something I can ill afford, anyway we contacted Animal friends and they said that it shouldn't be a problem, so all was well in my eyes until I rang them weeks later only to be told that because she was taken to the vets months ago to see if one day we could breed her once so she could experience motherhood they are refusing to pay out because in their words " upon review of cocos clinical history it is clear that coco is used for breeding, we shall not pay out where your pet has been used for or in connection with a trade or profession, where your pet has bred for monetary gain or reward.
She hasn't been bred and never will be now and this has nothing to do with the sudden illness she has, a letter has been sent and now just waiting for a response, this company is just a heartless money grabbing bunch of ******* and need to be brought to justice anyway possible.




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Posted: 21/12/2016

i have a lab and she had an xray 18 months ago but nothing was conclusive which they paid for . but this week we had another xray and they have told us its her cruciate which we had operated on on monday Animal Friends won`t pay as they said its the same condition ,its a joke. it has now just cost us £3000.how can it be the same condition when nothing was diagnosed.