Useless and pointless!


As a pet owner when your dog (in this case) gets ill in the early hours of the morning and you are sure their condition is getting worse you phone the out of hours vet which I did. We agreed that due to the circumstances I would wait a bit and see how our dogs condition developed. Four hours later his condition had deteriorated significantly, so much so that I thought he was on the way out! I called the vet who said to bring him in to the surgery which I did. In the 30mins it took me to take him there his condition improved a lot but nevertheless he was still given an injection and antibiotics for his condition. Long story short - claim submitted and Kwikfit declined to pay because "A deduction of £64 for the cost of the out of hours consultation has been deducted because Dexter's condition WAS NOT LIFE THREATENING and would not have worsened had he seen the vet during normal opening hours." What pet owner would or could make that decision! Small print got them out of paying out but what is the point of having insurance. Don't touch them with a bargepole!


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