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Detailed information and clear website allowed me to compare prices and cover options with other providers. Not being underwritten by the same underwriters as John Lewis, MoreThan and a few others was a top priority for me as there are hundreds of reviews relating to the very high year on year premium increases as your dog gets older to the piping where it becomes unaffordable and you are left with an uninsurable older pet perhaps with pre-existing ailments. I think this is an absolute scandal and shows that that underwriter, and by extension those insurance providers don't really care about the long term wellbeing of animals just about collecting premiums while your dog is young and then pricing you out when you really need to be covered. Appalling!!

However, this provider has fairly good reviews for low annual increases ( I do understand increases have to occur where risk increases but it's the degree of change that I feel is the relevant issue. I think this may be because of the 20% at 7 years old and 25% at 12 years old contribution to any payouts. I prefer this upfront approach to servicing the insurance of an older dog as it's just more honest. My previous dog of 17 years died 3 years ago and we never had to claim on our insurance once for her and the premiums were always reasonable. But, that was all before this modern greedy trend of steeply rising yearly premiums to get rid of older, riskier pets.

So in summary. Easy to purchase online with very easy to understand coverage levels and exemptions i.e. less bells and whistles than most other policies (half the things on some policies from other providers I would be very unlikely to use or could afford to pay for - repatriation fees?? euthanasia, reward if missing etc. ) but in the place of these long lists of add on stuff I get much higher overall yearly coverage amounts for illness, liability, accident & treatments for much lower premiums with reports of fair and affordable renewal costs.

I just hope if I ever have to utilise the claims process this company is true to its advertising and the caring ethos it promotes. I hope that it's as easy and honest to use as it is to buy. I shall leave another review this time next year and every year when I renew and let you know how it all goes. My beautiful new puppy (same breed as my old dog - so naturally quite long lived ) is not even 6 months old yet so if this provider is true to their word and remain honest and fair with me they will have many years of my custom. Watch this space!!

I've given 4/5 but this just pertains to ease of buying policy and coverage options, I cannot rate yet on claiming or renewal.


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Posted: 18/01/2017

You mentioned about doing another review in a years time and wondered if you still recommend this dog insurance. I completely understand where you are coming from with premiums and I've had a few scares with my friends dogs so have paid stupid amounts for my pet insurance this year (double what I've been quoted on this insurance company) I would be really interested in your feedback before changing my pet insurance to this one. I hope you enjoyed the new puppy year, now going through it myself. Thank you for your time.