Too greedy to care


Having recently cancelled my pet insurance by telephone with Argos Pet Insurance I feel I have to write to formally state my absolute disgust at the recent price increase to continue to insure my ageing labrador dog via Argos (underwritten by RSA). As a longstanding, loyal customer of 11 years I have accepted the ongoing increase year on year but was insulted at the obscene increase in excess of 60% from £158 per month to £250 per month premium amounting to £3,000 a year expected payment.

Having spoken to one of your Argos Pet Insurance agents and also her manager to query the increase I thought must surely have been an administrative error I feel that Argos as the broker absolves itself totally by blaming the veterinary profession for its' high fees and denies responsibility for any increase as being controlled by RSA who apparently (as stated on their website) "put our customers at the heart of everything we do". Clearly you do not.

I had hoped that through negotiation and common sense an agreement could be met to reduce this unconscionable increase in premium. Again, clearly not.

Moreover, Argos website declares "IT’S SMILES ALL ROUND AT THE HOME OF HAPPY PETS". Bobbiedog is not a happy pet and I am certainly not a happy pet owner. I'd like to thank you for your customer service during the last 11 years but now having been treated completely unfairly, I feel I cannot.

Collectively you operate a greedy corporate practice that is too big to care.

Shame on you all.


Labrador Retriever (Yellow)


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Posted: 15/01/2017

I totally agree with you! I have been with Argos pet insurance for about 9 years ( 2 dogs) On my last renewal it went up so much!! I'm not even giving them a chance to renew my policy in march!! Only ever claimed once and it wasn't a great amount!!!

Posted: 19/01/2017

Thank you for leaving this review. As a new puppy owner we had been looking at Argos as a provider for Pet Insurance. We are not looking at them any longer. Hope you pet remains happy and healthy with it's new provider.

Posted: 25/02/2017

Exactly the same has happened to me they know no one else will insure you . I will never use this company again and have recommended no one else does.