very upset


My dog alfie had to have his left knee operated on as his knee kept slipping out of the socket and the vets dealt wit petplan direct and they paid up straight away. Six months later he had to have the same operation done on his right leg because he had the same problem so we got it done. Petplan would only pay 149 towards the claim because in there opinion because it was the same diagnosis for both legs I was only covered for 3000.00 and that was al that was left from when he got his left leg done so now I am having to pay the difference which is 1800.00. I thought that I was covered per leg and not same diagnosis and thank god his front ones are ok. So am a little bit peeved because at the end of the day it was both back legs and they needed doing not his fault not my fault


Toy Mixed Breed (1 - 10 lbs)


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Posted: 02/06/2017

By the sound of it you took out there 12 month policy and not lifetime cover this is normal with this type of cover it will not cover the same body part again even if it's a different one lifetime cove is the policy's that will cover by lateral problems

Posted: 30/07/2017

I don't understand this, my dog has hip dysplasia and Petplan paid out on both hips in sewerage operations. That's what happens with lifetime cover. Did you not make a complaint.?