Avoid like the plague


I have had my policy with this company for 12 years, price rises year on year. I that whole time never made a claim, My Yorkie s now 13 years old and has developed a Heart Murmour and her insurance costs have tripled. £99.00 renewal access every year plus £57 premiunm per month and the still try to wriggle out of paying. I have now cancelled my policy and await their phone call demanding £30 termination fee, if they di I will slap them with a court summons. Very shoddy company, bad service and diabolical use of their terms, which them knowing I was blind did not provide me with terms and conditions under the disabled persons act, which null and voids any terms they may have ie £30 cancelation fee as i was not made aware of it via other means. Clearly broke the law,

Again avoid them like the plague, you have been warned.


Yorkshire Terrier


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Posted: 14/03/2017

Please can you advise if the company sent you a solicitors letter for the admin fee as I am in a similar position myself and after advise.