Waste of time, Dont bother


I took out a lifetime policy for my rescue 2 year old St Bernard,
Unfortunatly we had to make a claim due to gastro intestinal problems, we recieved a letter informing us that our policy had now been cancelled due to previous conditions. I've only taken him to the vets twice one for a general health check and once for hotspots.
This company have put exclusions on our policy for comments made in the vets office and advice the vets have given me regarding my dog.
As I had commented that my dog barks and pulls, he has now got behavioural issues and it's been excluded, he broke his leg as a puppy so any condition regarding his hind left leg are now excluded.
Being a St. Bernard with droopy eyes the vet advised me on how to stop them drying out, guess what his eyes are now excluded.
As he suffers with hot spots any skin condition is now excluded.
The list goes on.... They will find any excuse not to pay out and cancel your policy. Now I have to struggle to find a company who will insure him and I have to disclose that I've had insurance cancelled so this will cause me problems in the future.
Stay away from Helpucover......


Saint Bernard


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