Competitive but, read the small print!


Like many others, I chose a policy for my soon to be 12 year old English Springer Spaniel dog (who is also still entire which I think ramps up the premium as potential of more problems with being entire as they get older i.e. prostate cancer) however, this policy was still almost £200 cheaper overall than my previous policy with the NFU but, both have pro's and cons. My old policy with NFU was £2000 cover PER condition, not maximum in any one period of insurance and was a fixed excess of £105 plus, they also cover death/cremation costs whereas this policy does not however, for less money overall, I have increased the amount of cover to £4000 per annum and, touch wood, he is a pretty healthy dog, I do not expect to have to make a claim so figured it was more cost effective to be paying less overall per annum. These policies could be improved by adding in death / cremation costs and / or reducing the percentage contribution which you have to pay on top of the fixed excess for older dogs - 15% instead of 20% would make this even more attractive especially as there are so few companies that will insure older dogs.


English Springer Spaniel


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