Cat illness and insurance claiming


I have had to claim for 4 out of 5 of my cats due to illness and have had no problem with reclaiming charges , one of my cats Darcy was close to death with stuivite stones , the bill came to £2000 and I received all except the excess charge and £10 for the food he was given while spending 5nights and 4 days in the vets, I only found one problem with a claim and that was one of my other cats went to the emergency vets over night for treatment and my claim was reduced by the excess charge ( no problem there)and a £60.00 charge for staying over night as the vet had said it was not a life threating condition , a previous insurance company increased one of my cats months fee by triple the amount , reason - I had made two claims for an illness instead of making 4 or 5 claims for the illness? so I changed companies , glad I did


Mixed Breed Cat


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