Cowboys looking for any excuse to decline claims


Took out a policy in October 2015. Declined a claim for an infection developed in December 2015 on the basis of examination carried out in the September, for which the vet determined there was no medical condition, and therefore not something that needs adding to a policy, and despite writing numerous supporting letters to insurers to explain the 2 dates were completely unrelated, still refused claim and added numerous exclusions to policy. Insurers expect you to have expert knowledge to determine what is or isn't a condition when taking out a policy, however, as someone who is not veterinary trained and had been told by a vet there was no problem, I had no way of knowing that a routine visit to the vet would mean that needed to be declared for the policy. They simply do not want to pay out despite there being a genuine claim, and instead leave ordinary people massively out of pocket, typical insurers. Now appealing to the financial services ombudsman to see if the decision can be overturned.

Go to someone reputable such as pet plan, underwritten by Allianz, where you are less likely to be put through undue stress during an already stressful time with a sick family pet.


Large Mixed Breed (60+ lbs)


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